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We stock all of our soils in poly bags for easy pick up or delivery.

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Here at CAP Brick, we're constantly stocking the finest quality top soil and triple mix in the Burlington area. Why is it important to us to keep stocking both? Soil is soil, right?

The answer is a resounding "nope!" Top soil is the natural stuff, the soil with the highest concentration of organic matter, and the ideal generic soil for most plants. Sometimes, however, it's best to go for something with a little more to it, and for that, triple mix is your answer. Made with equal parts top soil, peat loam, and manure, this soil stands out among the rest for its superior air-circulating qualities and its nutrient-rich composition. This soil is best for combating lawn patchiness or garden infertility. Our soils, like the rest of our aggregates, are sold in either 80-pound bags, or by the yard (half-yard and quarter-yard options are also available).

Starting in 2016, we will be carrying Rymar rubber mulch in lieu of traditional cedar mulch. Rubber mulch does not decompose, eliminating your need to buy more mulch year after year. As well, the risk of injury that comes with using cedar mulch (slivers, cuts from jagged pieces, etc.) is virtually non-existent with rubber mulch, and for this reason, we find this product is superior in aesthetic applications.

Rymar rubber mulch is made out of 100% recycled materials and comes in black, brown, and redwood colours.

Top SoilTop Soil
Triple MixTriple Mix
Rymar Brown Rubber MulchRymar Brown Rubber Mulch

We also carry landscape fabric, garden edging, and filter cloth. To see our selection of river rock, gravels, and sand, click here.

Soil and Mulch