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Polymeric Joint Sand. Prevent weeds and joint run off.

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We stock Alliance Designer Products polymeric sands - Branded Flexlock Ultra for every paver application. Flexlock Ultra's advanced haze-free formula (that ACTUALLY leaves no haze!) and its 15-year limited warranty make it one of the most stand-out polymeric jointing sands in the industry.

Available in sandy beige, graphite grey, ivory, and onyx black. We generally stock large quantities of sandy beige and graphite grey. Do not apply on wet or damp surfaces, since moisture will activate the bonding action causing it to stick on the surface instead of properly sliding into the joints. Do not use if rain is expected within one hour. Preferably longer - up to three hours is recommended. Be sure to sweep all excess sand off the pavers prior to misting the surface with water.

Polymeric Sand