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A wide selection of smooth, rockface, sandblasted and bullnosed pool and step copings



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We stock a large variety of Manufactured and Natural Stone pool copings in various lengths. Please visit our large 7,000 square foot outdoor display area to see all the newest products on display.

Rockface CopingRockface CopingRockface Coping
Available in 4' and 6'
12" or 16" deep x 2"

Bullnose CopingBullnose CopingBullnose Coping
Available in 4' and 6'
12" or 16" deep x 2"

Silver Grey CopingSilver Grey CopingSilver Grey Coping
Available in 4' and 6'
12" or 16" deep x 2"

Rebated CopingRebated CopingRebated Coping
Available in 4'
12" or 16" deep x 1" (2" lip)

Rocked CopingRocked CopingRocked Coping
Available in 4'
12" or 16" deep x 1"

Natural stone copings are available in a variety of colours. Visit our showroom to check out our wide selection!


Portofino CopingPortofino Coping Techo BullnoseTecho Bullnose Piedimonte CopingPiedimonte Coping
Portofino Pool Coping Techo-Bloc Bullnose Piedimonte Coping
Bali TravertinaBali Travertina Bali TravertinaBali Travertina Aquastyl CopingAquastyl Coping
Bali Travertina Pool Coping Bali Travertina Pool Coping  Aquastyl Pool Coping
Laguna CopingLaguna Coping   Borealis PaverBorealis Paver
 Bullnose Grande Coping    Borealis Pavers for coping